Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just because...

This has been the most fun week.  Mabry is really becoming alert and responding to different things.  She is starting to smile on purpose when we talk to her, and she LOVES the star lights up on her play gym.  When she gets really excited she raises her eyebrows really high and kicks her legs like crazy.  It's adorable.  Yesterday when I got her up from her nap she started smiling at me when I leaned over her bed and started talking to her.  Awww....
I know I'm supposed to have pictures to go with what I just told you - I'm working on it, ok?

But here are some just for fun.  By the way, she's 8 WEEKS OLD today!  Sheesh!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sip N See

These lovely girls threw me a great little party last weekend so I could show off Mabry.

THE Jessica Medlin

Jeremiah's Birthday surprise....Shack, BJ, and Kevin.  Yes, they are posing for the yearbook 
Jami and Ava came to join us.  I don't think she was near as enthused as it appears.  She had more fun on the stairs...
Sweet Mamma...She's not glowing is she???  And she didn't even fight me to take her picture
the mom.
cute little shoes on cute little feet
I've just about had enough partying...
The next day I think...just cute.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 6

Mabry is growing and changing so fast! I can't believe she'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Every day is more fun than the last and its so fun to watch her learn more about herself.
Some things she's discovered:
How to turn her head from one side to the other while she's laying on her tummy.
How to hold her head up and look at me
Kind of how to smile...although it's still mostly gas I think :)
That she doesn't like to quit eating to burp
That she loves movement
That she can put her hands in her mouth and suck on them

playing in my gym.
tummy time.


These two pictures should actually be reversed. She really started going to town on her hand for the first time and it was really cute. Then I decided I don't know if I really want to enforce that habit because I can never take the hand away. So, I replaced it with her sucker, which she continued to hold in her mouth. Until she falls asleep of course and her hand falls down, and then the sucker goes with it. So, here comes the hand again....sheesh.

oh geez, ANOTHER picture?? I'm so embarrassed.

look jami i can almost hold this thing by myself.
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of life at the Boatrights.