Monday, March 1, 2010


Well the guys have made it! They arrived in Haiti yesterday morning and were picked up by Elsie, who lives at Canaan. They drove around PAP for awhile and then headed to the orphanage with the 2nd group from the airport.

We want to say a HUGE THANKS to all of you who contributed financially or bought supplies for them to take. We are SO blessed by the community of believers we are a part of. Thank you for following the Lord's leading. Keep praying!

"Defend the cause of the fatherless..." Is. 1:17

Jeremiah and Chris did not get to visit GLA yesterday because they have a no visitor policy on Sundays, which we respected. Praying for another chance, but we have an email address for Dixie, the director and have been in contact with her.

*this JUST in* from Jeremiah:
Having a great day. We've been packing food to give away at a village near Port tomorrow. Planning to visit GLA tomorrow also.


Mabry and I have been hanging out with Sarah and Brex this while the hubbies are gone. The kids are having fun, but not quite sure how to play TOGETHER. Brex is very active and ambitious while Mabry is quite cautious. Someone must have told her she's made of porcelin (i don't even know don't even know how to spell that - don't judge) because she thinks she breaks everytime she falls or he touches her! Cute, but not cute. This morning Brex really wanted to use her as a chair, but she wasn't so into that game. He thought it was a great idea. We were too slow with the camera....dang it.

This is the after photo....

I'll post more fun pictures from the week when get home.

until then....