Monday, February 22, 2010

Calling the Saints

Ok, where to start.....

First of all, I'm sorry to all our friends and family who we have not had a chance to talk to in person about this. But we would love to if you have more questions!

Remember a couple of years ago when Jeremiah and I went with about 12 other people, including Chris and Sarah Boddy to Haiti? Jog your memory here, here, and here.

We visited an orphanage near Port Au Prince called Canaan. We fell in love.

Fast forward to January 12, 2010.

Praise God, Canaan was not physically damaged by the earthquake near PAP. However, many of the children there lost family members, and because life in and around PAP has been turned upside down to say the least, they are affected in other ways.

So, this of course stirred our hearts to do anything we could for the orphanage and for Haiti. Even though we are just a few folks chipping in, we believe that is our calling as the body of Christ - to go BE the church. However we can.

So, THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 27, Jeremiah and Chris Boddy, along with a handful of other people are flying to PAP loaded with duffel bags of supplies for Canaan.

*If the Lord has stirred your heart to contribute to the restoration of Haiti and you would like to help in this way, please email us asap*

So that's one purpose of this trip for Jeremiah and Chris.

The second is this:

Since we went a couple of years ago our hearts beat for Haiti and for the children born into poverty, malnutrition, and abandonment. We, us and the Boddy's, have felt a calling to one day adopt from Haiti, whether from Canaan or another orphanage. Well that calling and stirring became very strong after the earthquake and we feel more than ever that the time is now, to start the process at least. As you have probably heard, all new adoptions in Haiti are closed. That's the heartache for us right now. Literally, everything is unknown in this area. So, we have no timeline, and really no direction right now. We are simply resting in the promise that God will do this however is going to bring Him the most glory. We are 100% committed to this and trust that God is going before us right now to prepare the way. Of course, we would love to be a miracle story, but know that God has a plan.

Here is where we are COVETING your prayers!

There is another orphanage, God's Littlest Angels, that we have been keeping up with.
Jeremiah and Chris are hoping to meet up with Dixie, the director, and visit this orphanage when they get there on Sunday morning. I really feel like this is going to be a huge step forward if they can get in with her and have a face to face conversation.

There are SOOOO many moving parts to this story and this journey to share right now, but feel free to call and chat anytime. We just really ask for prayer in this next week and half especially.

Please pray for:
God to be glorified
God to go before us and show us favor in this trip
travel and safety for the whole group
no delays
God's perfect timing
specifically a meeting with Dixie at GLA on sunday morning
**I forgot to mention that Jeremiah and Chris are the only two on the very first flight. The airline shifted things around, and we know there is a reason they are by themselves on this flight**
favor with Dixie and all those involved in the adoption process
meeting the right people at the right time
a perfect child for each of our families (long term prayer)

Well, I could go on, but I'll stop. Thanks for hanging in there and we will be updating you soon!

Again, if you feel called to donate $ or supplies just let me know! It will be hand delivered to Canaan.

Oh yeah, please visit all the link in this post so you can get a better idea of where we will be and what's going on there. And visit the blogs listed on our page, the Livesays and Rollings, to get a first hand glimpse of life and ministry in Haiti.

"the prayers of the saints are poweful and effective" James 5:16

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks Ty and Natalie!

Finally some warmer weather to enjoy my birthday present from Uncle Ty and Aunt Natalie! I love it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brandon and Jana

Sunday we got to celebrate Jana and Brandon's marriage with the whole family, almost!

Here are just a few shots...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wayyyyy Overdue

Ok, I apologize for the lapse in blogging for the last few months.

Don't really have a good excuse, but alot has been going on. Mabry is now 1!! We can't believe it. Actually, she's already 13 months old - even crazier.

Rewind to Thanksgiving and that's where I'll pick up on the pictures and such. But you'll have to scroll down to the bottom and read backwards because the pictures are in order that way.


It's an issue I have with this Blogger world. And it most certainly isn't my fault for not adding them correctly.

So here we go.....
Scroll down to the bottom, remember!

And there you have it! 3 months in review.
Mabry is changing everyday. I'll try to get some recent pictures up soon, but you know how that goes....
She started walking in December, but really took off and got brave this last week. It's been fun.
She is saying several words and loves to learn something new.
Now, she's awake from her nap, so I better go. Hope you enjoyed!
And you can see a few of her 1 year pictures here.
(You're welcome, Mom)

And this was in the running for the funniest gift opened all week. Kelly REALLY wanted a Snuggie. She WANTED it. So weird, but hilarious to see her face light up as she opened the box.

Doesn't get better than this. Except Jeremiah's eyes could be open.
Oh well, I still love him to pieces.

Uncle Ty put this prize together for Mabry. Again, not sure what to think. She's kind of what some might call.....a chicken.

The Newlyweds. And Sunny.
He's a boy. Not a her.

Grandpa waited patiently, but he finally got to do his favorite thing :)

This is Christmas morning at Gram and Papaw's. Another toy to ride and push buttons on! Aren't those PJ's cute? Thanks Nana!

So much excitement made us hot. Ok let's face it, she's got alot to keep her warm :)

Can you say CUTE? Keitha made these little aprons for all the little girls. I wish I had one!
We are missing Ava because the crazy blizzard prevented them from getting there on time :(

Ok here we are at Christmas Eve - Mammy and Pappy's.
These girlies are hilarious and love to perform. Check out their new sassy outfits and HEELS.


Now this. This is why Ken and Edie spend Christmas in Texas (and in Lubbock at that :( ). This happened overnight on the 23rd/24th. This is our backyard - not a post card from Alaska.

Books books books. How we lovvvvvee books. The lady bug book is our favorite at the moment, and after she opened it she didn't care about anything else!

Yummy! My first cupcake! Even though I found half of it in the chair when she got out, I think she enjoyed it.

The balloons were a hit - thanks Daddy! We played with the cellophane one for at least 2 weeks.

Papaw wanted to have Mabry's party at his house so we did! It was family and a few of our best friends. Mabry got this chair from Gram and Papaw - she loves it now, but wasn't too sure about it at first. Can you see her shirt? Jaclyn sent it to her and it was hilarious. It says "I'm the birthday girl. Now give me some cake!" Love it!

Fastforward to December 23rd! Mabry's birthday! Nana and Papa Ken came down from Missouri just so they wouldn't miss it. While they were here we celebrated Christmas and this was Mabry's favorite toy! It turned out that Nana and Papa Ken would spend Christmas in Texas....stay tuned.

While we were there we had the chance to take some family photos! It was kind of an adventure as I set up the camera and Jeremiah's aunt pressed the button. We needed someone behind the camera to make this kids look and smile - it kind of worked.

Here we are with Jeremiah's brother Matt, Jaclyn, and sleeping Brody. We weren't so lucky....

Alrighty. We went to Missouri for our Thanksgiving break and spent the whole week there. We had some great time with our Missouri family. And we ate sushi! Here are our nephew Brodie and Mabry at the END of our Silver Dollar City adventure. It was COLD COLD and you can tell by their faces they were ready to leave. Mabry thought she couldn't move because she had so many layers on :)