Monday, September 6, 2010

LIfe around here...

In my efforts to be a better, or more consistent blogger...I guess I'm just supposed to show you pictures and tell you what we do all day!

So here goes.

Mabry has become obsessed with rocking chairs. She has to rock in all of them everyday. And rock her babies, toys, blocks, and tiger in them.

She also is in love with the Snyder Tiger and asked about it for a week. So Gram decided she needed to have one at home...sorry, no picture. Now she has to sleep with "banket", baby, AND tiger.
The next few are at CJ's birthday party.

Yes, this is motorized. And the faces tell the WHOLE story.
Cute Taylor

This is one of their favorite things to do. Mmmm....

And this...

And last week when we were finishing up Wade and Kali's pictures, I thought Jesus might come out of this amazing cloud.
Well, there you go Gram, Granny, and Nana. I think you're my only audience. :)


  1. No they're not! I love seeing what you guys are up to and seeing Mabry! Wish I could've gotten back to you the other day. Liza Jane was in the midst of her worst day on record. She's not adjusting so well to Beckett, but she started pre-K today, so I'm really praying that makes a difference.

  2. I'm part of your audience too! :) Mabry is such a CUTIE it's almost too cute to handle!

  3. Me three!! I love, love, love reading your blogs and I love you!! ;)

  4. Thanks Kasey for the sweet words and pictures. Next post you need to put a picture of you on it. I also loved what you wrote on the previous post. What a blessing you are to Mabry!! I love you

  5. who is trying to be anonymous???:)