Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jeremiah the Great

I would like to take this opportunity to brag on my incredible husband. There is NO WAY I could be the wife and mom I am if it weren't for him. He is an amazing husband and father who takes such good care if me and our blessings. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty and is often better at this parenting thing than me. He never complains and will
Do anything I ask him to. I am so blessed. Thank you babe for everything. I love you;)!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Collier John Boatright

He's here! What a blessing this little man has already been!

This has been an incredible week for me and the Boatright family. We checked into the hospital on Thursday night after some yummy sushi for my last meal :)
Friday morning I was having some strong contractions on my own and we started the induction. It was really smooth sailing - I was pretty out of it but remember a few visitors.
Around 3 it was game time and at 3:38 our little man was here!

Everything went very smoothly and Collier is a healthy boy!

Mabry was not so sure about this whole hospital/baby brother thing. She was mostly concerned with watching Dora and eating candy.

This lasted for about 3 seconds...

Day 2

Day 4 - They are such morning people

First bath - He loved it can't you tell??

And, THE bathing beauty herself.

Mabry has adjusted well overall I think. She's had her moments but for the most part she likes to help with "baby" and hasn't shown too much jealousy. She's getting plenty of attention by doing everything she knows she's not supposed to. I can't believe how big she seems and how fast time has flown by since she was born. I just want to cherish all these sweet moments - even when they are hard. Ask me in about a week how that's going :)