Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long awaited...

My First Christmas!
My first bath..."What just happened?"

"I've got this Pappa wrapped around my finger already!"

"I'll be a week old tonight!"

Uncle Ty and soon to be AUNT Natatlie!!! Congratulations you two!

On our way home..."So far I like the car"

Nothing compares...

"Me and Gram" Thanks Gram for EVERYTHING you've done and are doing. I couldn't do it without you!

Grandpas's first great-granddaughter

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mabry Kendall Boatright is here!

First of all we want to thank you SO much for your prayers. We knew that God would honor our hearts and our desires if we fully trusted him. It was amazing the way He worked - answering everything we prayed for specifically. We got to share with the nurses and our doctor, who is also a believer, how powerful prayer is.

And now for Miss Mabry....
Pictures will come soon so be patient:) but I'll tell you right now she is beautiful! She came out with some great skin - ha! And a full head of black hair!
She blew us all away at 8 lb 6 oz, 20 inches - no wonder I've been here for so long. What an experience. She was perfect through all of labor and there were no complications. The cord was around her neck when she came out, but it wasn't affecting her at all. She's getting a bath right now and all the treatments while I EAT!

We will keep you updated but again, thanks for your prayers and support. It's not easy to do alone.
Visitors are welcome anytime, but I know you all have your own Christmas plans so we'll see you when you when it's good for you.

Also we are humbled to think of the antipaction we've experienced most recently in comparision to the thousands of years of anticipation for Christ. What a great lesson we will always remember and get to share with our little girl! Merry Christmas!

Here we go....

James 5.16....It's working

Keep doing what your doing because it's working! Kasey was just examined by the nurse and she has dilated to 6cm. She has progressed really well in the last 2 hours. Thank you for your prayers. We are humbled.

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective"
James 5.16

We Love Gram!

Forgive me...I failed to mention Mabry's amazing Gram, Shelia. Who has been taking care of us and hanging out since early this morning. Mabry has no idea what kind of family she has. She's really blessed. We Love you Shelia!

James 5.16

After her last check Kasey had dilated a little bit. We elected to stay with it and try to get this little girl out the natural way. Right now Kasey is getting some much needed rest and waiting to see if she can continue to progress. We're going to wait and get a better idea this evening. As I write this I can overhear Ty laughing, no doubt loud enough for the entire floor to hear, while he's watching Christmas Vacation on TV. No better way to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of our little girl than to watch Christmas Vacation in our hospital room! Dwain and Ty got up and left Snyder at 4:30am to come and be with us. What a great Grandpa and Uncle our little girl is going to have. No doubt they will keep her entertained for years to come. Thank you for your continued prayer.
"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5.16


lets get down to business...

Either Kasey starts dialating or we have a c-section. Please pray she will start dialating soon. Everything is fine, they just think the baby may be a little big.

and more waiting..

Since our last update we've had a little fun. The doctor came and broke Kasey's water around 10am. And that turned up the heat a little..then she started calling for the epidural. She did great, the contractions were pretty strong for about and hour until the drugs kicked in. Now she is feeling good..Thank God for the blessings of technology. Now we're just hanging out and waiting some more. It looks like things are moving kinda of slow at this point, but the Doctor should be back soon to check her over.

Playing the waiting game..

The morning started pretty early with a 5am wake up from the nurse. It sure seemed like a short night...maybe that's God's way of reminding us what the next year is going to be like. They started inducing Kasey this morning around 6 and the contractions are getting progressively stronger. She's doing great, just resting and waiting for the Doctor to come and check her progress. We've been set up in a great room, they say its the best in the hospital..corner room, really big with lots of windows. Everything is good so far. We've been watching Friends and Christmas Vacation on DVD trying to pass the time. Check back later for an update. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby on the way!!!

Here we are! We just arrived at the hospital around 8 tonight. What a huge answer to prayer we moved up three spots on the waiting list for tomorrow. Kasey is going to be induced in the morning at 6am, so we expect baby Mabry to show up very soon. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, here we go. Into the blogger world to keep you all up to date on our happenings!

For now we are just waiting patiently for Mabry to come along...

We will put updates on here when we go to the hospital and post pictures so you can see her cute little face.